Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Birthday to KK!

I won't try to match the eloquence of her post on my birthday, but I do want to wish her the happiest of days here on the blog. Today she is a radiant 34.

In that post on my birthday, she wrote of me: The year between his 34th birthday and his 35th birthday is certainly the biggest of his life. To have accomplished all that he has in terms of facing a frightening truth, treating his family in a loving and considerate way while figuring out how to come out, deftly navigating the waters of homophobia and misplaced faith with grace and respect, and finishing the year by running TWENTY-SIX POINT TWO MILES is more than most of us accomplish in a lifetime.

KK has had a similarly momentous year between 33 and 34 that deserves some acknowledgement. She has faced the biggest crisis of her adult life with grace and forgiveness, extended (to many people unfathomable) compassion to me, begun the sometimes daunting process of trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up, and put herself in a place where she can be surrounded on a daily basis by the love and warmth and support of many people who love her deeply. She didn't cap her year off with a marathon, though if you asked her, I suspect she'd tell you that she feels like she has run one.

Join me in wishing her the best. Happy birthday, Keri!


Travis said...

You rock KK. May this next year be just as exciting (but more fun) than this past year. You're such a strong woman!

KK said...

As always, very sweet post about me, Chris. I had a very full, very exhausting, very busy, very enjoyable birthday today and my phone rang all day with people calling to wish me the best. Thank you, and we can't wait to see you in Utah for Christmas!

Scot said...

I’ve said it before, but I find you, KK, amazing. The way you’ve handled yourself and your family strikes me as an act of great character, and your children and Chris are clearly fortunate to have you. As I’ve also said before, though you don’t blog much, what you do has had a significant impact, and rightly so. I know, you’ve helped change my mind, no small task if you ask my R :-).

It seems a travesty of justice such a person would have her birthday so close to Christmas ;-). But Happy Birthday!

daveincleveland said...

kk i wish you would send your thoughts over the country to my wife and tell her its ok and i am not the enemy......she found out about me almost 2 years ago, and while we are still together due primarly to finances it is far less than wish your thoughts to cleveland ohio and then she will see that i am not the enemy......i just like parades and rainbows....hahaha

onetimeonly said...

Congratulations, you are an amazing woman. Im sorry so much of your life was lost due to someone not being able to be honest with himself or with you. Hopefully the next 10 years will bring you what you truly want.