Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Big One...

Today, dear readers, the Hurricane turns 35. The year between his 34th birthday and his 35th birthday is certainly the biggest of his life. To have accomplished all that he has in terms of facing a frightening truth, treating his family in a loving and considerate way while figuring out how to come out, deftly navigating the waters of homophobia and misplaced faith with grace and respect, and finishing the year by running TWENTY-SIX POINT TWO MILES is more than most of us accomplish in a lifetime.

Happy Birthday, Chris. I know I'm not the only one who is honored to be a part of your life today. You truly have a positive effect on everyone around you and you will be toasted in many cities for many years to come. And to J, who should be reading this, the thoughtfulness you put into helping Chris have a great day touched me deeply. Celebrate like only the gays can!

To everyone reading this, post a little something here about how Chris has been a part of your journey, whatever it is. Sometimes I think he forgets how many people have felt the ripple effect of the Hurricane.

Happy 35th!

With love, truly,



k8 said...

happy happy mr. c-i'm so stoked we share a birthday month and have FINALLY gotten to be friends! Here's to a fantastic year to come!

Dave Walter said...

Hau`oli la hanau, Chris!

And congrats on completing the marathon in such a great time.


Beck said...


I doubt you realize the impact you've had on my life. I have followed your "story" intently and find inspiration and hope.

Your example of love and devotion to your family, your wife, your daughters, even your extended family, ward family etc. has been a motivation to me to keep proper perspective of those I love, and remembering they are an integral part of coming to grips with this "issue" we commonly share.

Though my path is not identical to yours, I find incredible strength from you as we journey together in this life.

Happy B-day!

Travis said...


While I'm still a little bummed you don't think I'm 'hot,' I'm so happy you're happy and doing well.

In the words of Dolly, "Oh sometimes the road is rugged, and it's hard to travel on. But holdin' to each other, we don't have to walk alone."

Looking forward to another year of travellin' thru!


Gay LDS Actor said...

Happy birthday, Chris

Your story has been quite useful to me, especially considering that we're roughly the same age.

May the rest of your life be filled with happiness and success.

Anonymous said...

“how Chris has been a part of your journey”

First, he, along with L, encouraged me to blog in the first place. I’m not sure if I appreciate that or not yet ;-).

Second, I came here with an errantly strict opinion of people in Chris’ situation and what they should do. Chris has certainly softened my stand, and made me feel like a jerk for some past opinions. I can only offer that most I’ve known in such a situation haven’t handled it very well at all. But I think a lot of the credit for that change has to go to you too, Keri. You both have my appreciation as people and as parents, but you amaze me in your posts like no one else in these blogs.

Oh yeah, this is about Chris :-). Happy Birthday!!!

David said...

Happy Birthday! Give J a hug for me.

sara said...

happy birthday chris!!! you know how much i adore you. congrats on the marathon and all that you have accomplished this year.

your b-day present is in the works... what size chaps do you think you'd wear?


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday. You are older than me. Neener.

I'm glad to have had you as a blogging friend (and antagonist!) throughout my journey. We started this gig at about the same time and I've learned a lot from you. I know I frustrate you and you frustrate me, but I don't regret our interactions in the least. I know I'm a better person for the things you teach me and the perspective you add every time you post.

D-Rock said...

Ugh...I missed it! Damn. Sorry, but happy birthday none the less. Now go and do something nice for those aching feet of a pedicure or a nice long massage!

Anonymous said...


If you get this much press just for turning 35, wait until 40. It's much overrated as a turning point and agony opportunity [for which please wait till 50], but it is a slightly bigger milestone.

In the meantime you are making some of us feel Very Old Indeed. Keep up the good work.

Belated Birthday Greetings
The Troll

Mike Kessler said...

Happy birthday, Chris! Big hugs to you from me and Buck, and more hugs to Keri and the girls!

natalienj said...

Happy Birthday, Chris! Great job on the marathon. I don't even like running to catch a subway. I am impressed.


Titus Todd said...

A belated Happy Birthday! We are the same age (my B-day was in June). I'd better start running some marathons to get back in shape but the very thought of it makes my knees hurt! I'll have to stick to the elliptical.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sentiment.

I have shared many of your experiences, and right now I'm so sad I could die.

I have so much guilt for living a lie, but so many people..(My wife and kids mostly) would be devastated. I feel the only right thing to do is suffer quietly, cry alone, put on a happy face and go back out in the living room.

I spend all my time sick to my stomach anymore.