Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"Because he's gay"

The mood has been heavy in these parts of late. So, in the interest in bringing a little humor to this blog, I share a story about my four-year-old, as told to me by her mother.

KK and the girls are living with KK's parents for the time being, and E, my older daughter, often plays with a little girl whose grandparents live next door. Yesterday, L, my younger girl, said something to KK about this friend living next door. KK corrected her and told her that she actually lived somewhere else but visited her grandma and grandpa often. KK also mentioned that the friend's parents are divorced and that she sometimes lives with her dad.

Referring to the friend's father's divorced status, L said, "Because he's gay." KK told her no, actually, he's getting married again. "To a girl?" The thought seemed bewildering to her! Alas, dear child, straight people sometimes get divorced too.


-L- said...

I love it.

And I have to add (now that the tone is light) that every time you have called your daughter L I'm tempted to quip about how great it is to have someone named after me. Didn't seem quite appropriate until now.

Scot said...

You’ve got to watch those assumptions :-).

Often, when we go out to dinner we are honored with gushing praise from staff and patrons. Why? For letting our wives have a “night off” while we take care of the kids, of course.

sara Stratford said...

i love L. remember the time she said something like, "i know what being gay means. it means you sleep in the attic" or something like that. so literal. maybe someday L and C will get married and then we can be in laws! how great would that be.

i vote for more fun posts. half these readers probably don't know about your wicked (meaning good, not evil!) sense of humor.

Chris said...

Sara, Keri asked L if she knew what gay meant, and she responded: "Gay is when you date other boys and live in the attic." It all made perfect sense. Even now that they are living in Utah, it pretty much described my gay existence. I love my attic bedroom.