Friday, March 17, 2006

Disciplinary Action

Before I came out to my wife, I made contact with a kind man in Washington, D.C., named Buckley Jeppson. He is part of a group called gamofites that I turned to for support as my life started to come crashing down. Buck was married for many years, has a daughter, and he provided some valuable support to me at a very difficult time. It was a relief to talk to someone who had experienced what I was going through.

Buck is openly gay, but he has continued to associate with the LDS Church, though in a less engaged way than he did when he was still married to his wife. A couple of years ago, Buck and his partner of several years went to Canada and got married, but he continued to attend sacrament meeting periodically. It was important to him because it was his heritage and he enjoyed the fellowship of the saints and hymn singing. He never asked for a calling or a temple recommend. He just liked going to church from time to time.

Buck is now facing church discipline because of his current same-sex marriage. You can read more of his story here.


Dave Walter said...

"He is part of a group called gamofites...."

Wow, they've got groups for everybody these days. I'm glad gamofites was there for you.

sara said...

Very interesting to compare this post with your last; the stories of the men are so different. It's really encouraging to read about Buckley Jeppson, and the life he has with his partner. As for the gay grampa of Another Other, I would venture to guess that many people (gay or straight), on their deathbed, wished they had spent more time with their families, fostering good relationships. I have no doubt in my mind that you will be successful at maintaining your relationship with your wife and children after your separation. And your friends... especially me.

Hellmut said...

Thanks for your support, Hurricane. I will browse your blog a little more.

Cheers, Hellmut

Foxx said...

This post led me to question the value of a marriage goal in my life, which has led me to be at odds with my family, which looks like it's going to lead me to a more open communication with them on the subject of homosexuality and my experience with it.

Thank you.